Sunday, March 26, 2006

Master Stroke

India, world’s largest democracy, when looked closely one can find it chaotic in a orderly fashion but yet representative.

The last week, Indians have seen yet another of those political stunts or dramas. One cannot understand how both the ruling party and opposition is getting away by completely turning a blind eye on important and pressing matters of governance, but plotting and counter plotting the other to score cheap political brownie points.

Last week saw Sonia Gandhi making yet another sacrifice, I think its become common to the Congress party and to Sonia Gandhi has she has to live up to her illustrious family member. Was it a sacrifice, well I would say it was a political master stroke which has taken the steam of the opposition parties and keeping any eye on the impending elections, might favour Congress and its allies.
Some years back the very same BJP and its allies talked about Sonia’s immaturity in politics, but two years later and into her second sacrifice, I think there is a serious question to be raised against the opposition deftly headed by L.K. Advani.

Whatever one may call sacrifice, political master stroke or inevitability, but one thing is for sure, there is a mystery that surrounds Sonia Gandhi, and she is trying to bring new morals to public life, which is a noble thing, and like every other politician she is using to build up the profile of her party, but she has to beware that not to over do this.
By being obsessed on Sonia Gandhi, what has BJP, JD(U) and Samajawadi party gained, answer is absolutely nothing, each time she has been attacked she has grown in stature and thus playing to her hands and helping create an aura and hype around her for her to en-cash.

Countries around the world have opposition parties which act and counteract against the wrong doings of the ruling government and try to bring a sense of sanity to the way a government is functioned. But our opposition seems to have excelled in pre-empting the government moves, all this smartness has not exactly helped the people in general and BJP in particular, but on the contrary this has had negative effect on the public, as they feel BJP being a weak opposition, which is not going to help BJP in the future if it not corrects its strategy.
If they were concerned so much about the constitution and the public, why is there very few and countable private members bill being introduced, which would become laws by themselves (American and the UK model). Can any one answer this?
Well my prediction is there is a clear lack in the political vision in the current set of politicians on both side, more so on the BJP.

PS: Hats off to you Madam Gandhi, you have started a new trend in public life, but just be cautious of the sycophants you are surrounded with, as there is a genuinely lack of mass leaders in Congress and it would be all onto yourself to take the burden of getting votes to your party, thus take cautions when making any political move.

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