Friday, March 03, 2006

History in Making

1st week of March 2006, will be remembered for a long time to come by Indian public and the world; reason being there was history in making by world's largest and oldest democracies.

Manmohan Singh seems to be the lucky mascot for India, if 1991 gave him an opportunity to globalise Indian economy, 2006 is his moment and because of his adminstration a new chapter in Indian histroy is being written; thus globalising Indian strategy and positioning India, in the new world order.

India, as on today theoritically broken the shakles of nuclear isolation, i re-emphaise theoritically as the Indo-US nuclea deal, still has to get US Congress approval, as the adge goes the Devil lies in small print, as and when there is clearance from the US Congress, team Manmohan Singh and rest of India can celebrate in bright sunshine.

Kudos to Mr.Prime Minister and his team, and if the recent news articles are correct in quoting "Bush having a small pep talk with M.K.Naryanan, saying he wants the deal", this shows the new found camaraderie between the two nations.

I take this opportunity to thank team Manmohan Singh, and more importantly group of retired scientists from the Atomic Energy Commission in India who started a lengthy debate via print media and to Anil Kakodkar who always had a veto on the Nuclear Deal between the two countries. It is Anil Kakodkar and the gamut of nuclear physists and scientists working on our Nuclear programme, who have shaped and and startegised of India having nuclear cabililities and the wise political establsihment, sometimes highly volatile, but have magaed to curb themselves to help India not to loose this historic opportunity.

When history was in the making, on the sidelines there was another history being created, which puts our head down in shame.
"Athithi Devo Bahavaha": According to our culture and we Indians believe in treating our guests on par with the almight God whom we have faith in. But the type of demonstrations that have taken place against George Bush, has never happened in the cultural history of India. In democratic India everyone has their right of opinion and freedom of speech, but the demonstrations and the kind of speeches made by our political fraternity have defamed our clultural heritage and highlighted the double standard we practice. History has taken note of it and more importantly the world has token note of this. Is this not against our cultural heritage and our high grounds of morality; the so called secularists Left Parties, Samajawadi party, JD(S), V.P.Singh and the Islamic groups owe an explation to the people and more so they should clarify if they truly believe in Indian ethos and culture.

Well, though our clutural brancuptcy and double standards in our ethos was well demonstrated, we can end in a happy note that an historic opportunity has opened up and it is to the Indian establishment on how it will make maximum use of it to create India, for the comming century.


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