Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Questions ... that trouble me when there is a new act of terror perpetuated on India

Firstly my condolences to those families who have suffered the loss.

As Shantanu suggests in his blog post

there are more questions with less answers, unfortunately this is the status of our intelligence machinery. India does not have or atleast it is yet to demonstrate having a strategy to collect intelligence and analyse them routinely and flag up potential alerts. This is precisely why NSA needs to be re-structured and so does our Home Ministry (Read into Chidambaram’s proposal).

I have few questions which keeps rattling me whenever there is a terror attack:

1. How can LeT and other terror organisations recruit locals to do this act? Or Why is that we are seeing increasing local links to terror activities?

2. Withour blaming any organisations in India who are good at whipping the sentiments of the people one way or the other on religious lines – is it not time for Indians to show they have no place in politics? What surprised me was on NDTV i heard one of the senior ministers from Pak indicating that there are elements like Shiv Sena, Bhagaranj Dal and others who dont want peace in the region and equating them to LeT and other terror organisations. I guess political parties need to be more careful when they make comments. I would even question the timing of Digvijay Singh’s trip to Azamgargh (though well defened by Mani Shankar Aiyer on Friday night’s 9pm NDTV news).

3. Indian Muslims, now need to question themselves how increasingly their youths are beign drafted and attracted towards extremist elements. Need to look internally on the factors that turn just a handful of muslim youths to take to terror activities.
Caveat: I am not questioning the Indian muslims integrity, neither am i questioning their patriotism, but purely asking whay is such a trend?

4. Is there a meaningful way with which we can bring international pressure on Pak, given that Pakistan is perceived to be very crucial link to solve Afghan issues?

5. Should India unilaterally and proactively govern its North, North Western borders?

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