Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Debunking The New Indian Express article on Rahul Gandhi's education controvesy contd..

Also it is important to understand Cambridge University awards their degree as Master of Philosophy and the award certificate does not contain any subject. The subject that one has done his or her Maasters is detailed in the transcripts. Also it is a fact that Rahul Gandhi studied Economics as a subject part of his Masters degree which was adminstered by the School of Developmental Studies. I dont see any wrong in Rahaul Gandhi claiming to have a Masters in Development Studies and Economics - the economics subject could be his interest/specilisation in the larger context of Development Studies. It is common in countries like UK and US where one gets to choose subjects they want to pursue as part of their interest in conjunction with their Mster degree. Hence i dont see why an issue at all in the first place.

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