Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frustration renews vigiour to reach ones goals

Is Indian polity accountable, i am sure most would agree with me its not. But has not stopped me and neither will it stop others like me to make a contribution for the better of our polity. Blaming lack of accountability on politicians and their chamchas may be a easy, but are we helping the cause that we are fighting for - i guess no.

Few weeks back i wrote a lengthy email but yet a relevant one as for as Congress party is concerned in Karnataka. Rather than going through why i am taking so much pains to talk about congress, lets assumei am one of its ardent supporters. My email detailed about the state of affairs in karnataka congress party and given that the loksabha elections are around the corner - my observations and understanding the people and their mood in rural and urban karnataka, i felt were important to be relayed to Congress party president.

I started off by sending an email to Madam Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot and others...but in vain, no one even bothered to acknowledge my email let alone look into it and see if it made sense. My beleif that i can make the voice heard made me call up the congress leadership but would it matter anything to them, exactly you gussed it they thought i was a fool or a naive to think my email can make a difference. But the eternal optimist in me kept trying until i found Sachin Pilot's secrecatry and Madam Gandhi's home office manager.

Sachin Pilot's secretary initially lived upto the expectation of being a young modern MPs assistant by asking me to email him and did all the talk of arranging a telecon with Mr.Pilot - and even after two weeks when i called him, he gave a balant lie that Mr.Pilot was out of town and hence he could not put up my email to him, when the very same day Mr.Pilot spoke to a NDTV journalist at the Congress office in Delhi.

Sonia Gandhi's home office manager was very courteous and explained his difficulty and his remit not to interfere on political matters and asked me to contact Ahmed Patel.

After two weeks of calling Mr.Patel's home - as he works mostly from there, i got through to one of his assistants Mr.Pandya, who asked me to call either on monday or after 10pm on saturday 31st Jan 2009. Would i call, you guess it i still did, the dreamer and optimist in me made me do it.

When i called at 10pm and asked for Mr. Patel, his assistants picked the phone and after hearing my name they just put it on hold for 30mins when i could hear them laughing and joking about a guy living in UK and wanting to talk to shaeb who is the Right hand man of Soniaji- their words were "He should be a fool and making all types of sidy remarks". The pride in me put the phone down and here i am ranting about it.

Would all this hurt me or affect my dreams or optimism, certainly not. They have indeed given me the requsite motivation levels to make my point more effectively and to do this, i guess becoming a politican is important, as what use of if they dont listen to their people even if it for their good.

The convinction in me to become a politician has not only got a relevant motivation, but its also a challenge to prove to these politicians and their babus that if one forgets the people they will have to forget leading them.

Its strange how we have let politicians rule us, rather than electing the right politicians who can represent us. We need politicians with vision and compassion. Either there can be two types of leaders one who will lead from the front and other who will take everyone along with him/her.
Rather than blaming the politicians for all the ills, lets blame ourselfs and corect our past mistakes by making the right choices.

Well, i felt good ranting here, in this vast unknown world wide web, where on one cares about the other and yet they are with you if you sing the right tunes.

Seeyou all, let me call Mr.Ahmed Patel's home office again.

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